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Tihar Prison Welfare

Tihar Prison, also called Tihar Ashram, is a prison complex in Delhi, India and the largest complex of prison in South Asia. Run by Department of Delhi Prison, Government of Delhi, the prison contains nine central prisons, and one of three prison complex’s in Delhi, along with a district prison at Rohini prison complex and Mandoli prison complex. It is located in Tihar village, approximately 3 km from JanakPuri to the west of New Delhi, India. The surrounding area is called Hari Nagar.

Originally, Tihar was a maximum security prison run by the State of Punjab, in 1966 control was transferred to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Beginning in 1984, additional facilities were constructed, and the complex became Tihar Prison, also the largest jail in India.

Under the charge of Smt. Kiran Bedi, when she was the Inspector General of Prisons, she instituted a number of prison reforms at Tihar, including changing its name to Tihar Ashram. She also instituted a Vipassana meditation program for both staff and inmates; initial classes were taught by S.N. Goenka. The Prison has also produced an inmate who has passed the UPSC civil service examinations.

Presently, it has a capacity to hold 6250 prisoners, but lodges an average of about 16000 prisoners. Apart from the overcrowding, there are frequent references on suicides, clashes, murders and distortions instead of corrections inside the Tihar prison.

A women jail No. 06 in Tihar and a separate jail No. 05 for adolescent have been set up.

Due to overcapacity of inmates in Tihar jail, inmates are lacking many things which are used in their everyday life, for this, many NGO’s are giving their support and jail authority also giving their full support to spent millions of rupees through Prisoners Welfare Relief Fund but even, there is a lack of things to use in daily life. Prisoners who do not have Mulakat or who do not have any earning member in their family are very difficult to live their lives and the newly admitted prisoners have to face many difficulties regarding these things.

About one-fourth of Tihar inmates are suffering from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, other neuroses, psychogenic pain, personality disorder, substance abuse, etc. This estimate does not include psychotic patients as they were excluded from the study. There are a large number of inmates who have none other than the one earning at home. It is very common for such inmates to be psychological disorders, anxiety, depression etc. for such inmates, the jail administration periodically counsels them and provide medical treatment.

Inmates who come from poor family, who have no other earning member in their family than them, completely disintegrate their family and come to the verge of starvation and even their children miss their studies, leaving them illiterate, the whole family suffers the punishment of any one mistake, which is not good or right for our society and country, it is also a violation of human rights.

Motivated by the spirit of social services, we formed a charitable trust. Started in 2008, SPF (SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION) is national level development organization, registered in 2009 as an Indian Public Charitable Trust by Mr. Dhiraj Prasad in memory of his father Late Shri Subodh Prasad to full fill his dreams and ideas. The foundation is development-oriented organization working for the destitute women, children and aged. The organization also undertake various projects from time to time to help the physically and mentally disabled and work hard to achieve it's objectives.

The organization named SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION was established with a mission for the welfare of backward classes, disabled people, older persons, destitute women and children of the weaker section of society. People from the weaker section do not have access to facilities and opportunities to make their life parallel to the society.

SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION aimed mainly at those welfare projects which empowered the local communities by giving them social & economic strength.

It primarily focuses on the welfare of economically weaker section by:

  1. In the month of May 2018, the foundation installed 3 water tube wells in the village Gulpada, Tehsil – Nagar, district – Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
  2. The foundation then in the month of August 2018, again installed 3 tube wells in the village Sikri, Tehsil – Nagar, District – Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
  3. Then from the month of December 2018 the foundation on monthly basis till date, started providing free Nutritious Food to the poor children from the age group of 5 – 10 years, residing in the slum area of Kathputli Colony, Shadipur, Delhi whose families are not even capable of feeding their little ones.
  4. Every month from April 2010 onwards, the foundation accepts Used/ New clothes, blankets and toys from various localities in delhi once every month which are then distributed to the needy children, women & old.
  5. The Foundation regularly distribute books & other reading material to the children of Economically Weaker Section.
  6. The Foundation have organized HIV/AIDS awareness camps for the deaf students in association with The Deaf Way Foundation, a NGO working for the deaf children.
  7. The Foundation provided Vocational Training in the month of June & July from 2010 till 2019 to 50 youths every year, who are now working in the sugar factories in Uttar Pradesh.
  8. The foundation in the month of December 2010 & January 2011 had undertaken the group marriages of 30 girls whose parents could not afford their marriages and ever since we have being doing the same every year till 2019. So far the foundation has undertaken approx. more than 1000 girls marriages on the expenses of the trust whose families are Below Poverty Line.
  9. The foundation in the month of May 2013 took a project in hand of providing free drinking water in the village Palka, Tehsil – Nagar, District – Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The trust installed a water tank of 5000 litres capacity and did the entire boring & piping work. Similar work has been carried out since then in various districts of Rajasthan till date and over 100 water tank of 5000 litres capacity and did the entire boring & piping work have been done by the foundation.

Subodh Prasad Foundation believes that the disadvantaged needs opportunities not charity and the foundation has begun the work from the grass root level to bring about a positive change and also undertake projects to provide maximum benefits to the under privileged women, children and aged who are left alone on their own without any financial or moral support.

Now SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION is going to take steps to help Tihar jail inmates and their families.

  1. For such inmates who are unable to take their daily need items from the prison canteen as they are finically incapable, the organization will provide them all things for their daily need items free of cost.
  2. For such inmates, who have no other earning member left behind in the family and their children have missed their studies and their family has come to the brink of starvation due to their confinement in jail, the organization will provide financial help such families from their family ruined and save them.
  3. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will provide financial help directly to the families of prisoners who have none other than him earning member left behind or no any earning resource in their homes. And this is not the fixed amount, The amount of assistance will be paid on the basis of how many members in their house depended on him who is confined in jail, and how many members are studying and how much is their school fees. All these things will be analyzed and then their household expenses will be decided.
  4. The SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION is associated with a panel of advocates which will visit every jail in Tihar jails twice a week and give free legal advice i. e legal aid and fully help the innocent prisoners who cannot be hire private lawyers for themselves, they will do everything possible to get them bail, and will act under the fundamental right given in the Constitution of India. Our panel service will treated on the basis which is pertinent in the Constitution of India as the right of the accused and as fundamental right that any accused is innocent till his crime is proved.
  5. Various kind of Books will be organized for the inmates so that they do not waste their time but instead increase their knowledge and information by studying and becoming qualified. Be good citizen so that they can get out of the world of crime and nurture their family by earning their livelihood honestly.
  6. There is also lack of sports materials in prison and sports materials will also be provide for the inmates a that they can avoid drugs and keep themselves fit & healthy.
  7. There is also a shortage of medicines in Tihar jail, so SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will also provide generic medicines for the ill inmates which will be very important in the interest of the prisoners.
  8. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will also be involved in the work for those under trial prisoners who have been granted but they are still in confinement as they are unable to furnish their bail bonds due to financial constraints. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will furnish bail bonds on their behalf and ensure their release from jail.
  9. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will also work for those convicts who have already completed their sentence and still in confinement since they are unable to pay their fine. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will pay their fine and get then released from jail.
  10. SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will also organize cultural activities in the jail which will entertain the prisoners and improve their mental health.

SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION will also be provide work or service to those who will be released from jail and wish to conscientiously earn to nurture their family and want live their life honestly.