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Objectives of The Foundation

  1. To Establish set up & run health care centers & hospitals.
  2. To regularly run free medical checkup camps in the rural areas all over the country
  3. To implement women welfare schemes.
  4. To establish old age homes & orphanages.
  5. To make necessary arrangements for marriages girls who are orphan or whose families are not financially sound.
  6. To provide Drinking Water Facilities in the Remote villages.
  7. To provide water for irrigation in the dry areas.
  8. To promote self help groups of farmers & rural poor for generating employment opportunities.
  9. To develop sustainable economic resources for farmers.
  10. To harness global efforts to develop & promote the use of eco friendly technologies in the country for improving the environment.
  11. To setup & run camps all around the country for creating awareness among people about disease's like CANCER / HIV – AIDS etc.
  12. To create awareness among people for promoting the Girl Child Education
  13. To discourage people for discrimination among boys & girls.
  14. To setup projects all around the country, stressing on sanitation, cleanness, vaccination etc.
  15. To create awareness & discourage the rural & urban people against dowry practice.
  16. To undertake the task of developing programs / models for poverty alleviation.
  17. To undertake programs for education, rural infrastructure, employment & social security, agro – industries, village entrepreneurship, rural co-operatives etc.
  18. To establish Primary, Middle & Secondary Schools for providing free education to the poor, street and slum children.
  19. To initiate scholarships/awards for meritorious and needy students to pursue their education, sports & other relevant programs.
  20. To provide free nutritious food to the slum children.
  21. To provide assistance for the relief of persons & animals effected by the natural & other calamities.
  22. To construct eco-friendly, earthquake / flood resistant low cost houses in the rural areas of the country.
  23. To work for the social up - liftment of the poor.