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Since the early stages of the Covid19 epidemic, our organization SUBODH PRASAD FOUNDATION has been engaged in social work. In the event of lock down, when everyone was troubled by their problems, the slum dwellers were not able to even afford food for themself or their families and the labours were forced to leave the Nation’s capital and were forced to travel on foot to their respective villages. Our organization started working for such people by providing food and other necessary essential items. This second wave of Covid19 has shaken the whole of India. Our organization has also made its full preparations. We are providing help to every person who needs help in this such worst condition. We are providing masks, sanitizers, oxygen cylinders, food items, medicines and every other item that the people of our country need at this pandemic time, especially for the poor and helpless people who do not have money for treatment. Our organization is always ready for them.

Every person is scared today and is avoiding escaping from their home, while our organization is fighting in this pandemic and is trying to save the lives of the people and our volunteers reach these people who are suffering and are providing them help as much as possible. Regardless of the people, we are helping the poor in every possible way so that the lives of the people can be saved, if the people are alive then only our country will be saved. Children are the future of this country. The Government is running many such programs for every citizen. Our organization is also running many such programs for poor children, such as arranging education for poor children who are living their lives by begging on the footpaths, or children living in slums, who are doing forced labour on their own and we are also arranging bread for their family.

Forced labour and begging by children is also a great stigma on our society and we have to end the curse of this society at the root.

The second wave of Covid19 has given untimely death to many people in India, so our organization has taken some steps for social services such as creating social awareness because the society is still unaware of the causes of this epidemic and we intend to establish a Centre where arrangement of best treatment for every poor person for which we require all the support from any and everybody. If you donate a rupee even, it will also be very useful in such work as every rupee is important & helpful.

All the information regarding how you can contribute for the cause and development of medical centre is available on our website i.e. (Subodh Prasad Foundation).

All of you people who are able to help are requested to give their full support and follow our human religion and achieve the highest position in the eyes of God by doing this noble work.

It is the duty of all of us to save the lives of poor and sick people and let us all join hands together to end this epidemic and increase the prosperity of our country again.

All the work that our organization is doing is only possible with the support of all the kind hearted people who care for other human lives and we request everyone to just keep supporting us in this way and make this mission possible.

All the information relating to the expenditure on this cause is readily available, which is clear like glass. We are using each of the rupees given by all our donors in all these social works and our aim is to provide service to the society.