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  1. To Establish promote, set up, run, maintain, assist , finance support & help setting up and / or maintaining, health care centers, hospitals & regularly run free medical checkup camps in the rural areas of the country free of cost and also and implement women welfare schemes, old age homes & other social welfare works.
  2. To promote establishment of self help groups of farmers & rural poor for generating employment opportunities for them by implementing projects, schemes & disseminating latest available knowledge in the field.
  3. To harness global efforts to develop & promote the use of Bio – Fuels, eco friendly technologies in the country for improving environment & developing sustainable economic resources for farmers.
  4. To setup camps all around the country for creating awareness among people about various curable / un-curable disease's like CANCER/HIV – AIDS/TB/HEART etc.
  5. To create awareness among people for promoting the Girl Child Education & discouraging the people for discrimination among boys & girls.
  6. To setup projects all around the country, stressing on sanitation, cleanness, vaccination etc.
  7. To create awareness & discourage the rural & urban people against dowry practice. Also make necessary arrangements for doing Girl's marriages whose parents can not afford their marriages, on the expenses of the trust.
  8. To undertake the task of developing programs/ models for poverty alleviation, education, rural infrastructure, employment & social security, agro – industries, village entrepreneurship, rural co-operatives etc.
  9. To open, fund, establish, promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in setup and/or maintaining and/or running Primary, Middle & Secondary Schools, Colleges, sports, lecture halls, botanical parks and other establishments or institutions for advancement of education and/or knowledge in arts, science, literature, humanities, agriculture & all other useful subjects in all their manifestations & similar bodies in the rural areas of the country.
  10. To create network with the co-operative institutes, government, quasi – government organizations, Non – Government Organizations, industry, funding agencies in the country & abroad& also carve out its own niche.
  11. To initiate scholarships/awards for meritorious and needy students to pursue their education, sports & other relevant programs.
  12. To run mid – day meal program (Providing nutritious food Free of cost) for the students studying in the rural areas who do not get the proper nutrition & balanced diet. Also distribute free clothes/blankets etc. to the people below the poverty line.
  13. To take up, implement, give, provide and/or render monetary and/or other help & assistance for the relief of persons & animals effected by the natural & other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquakes, Tsunami's, storms, accidents, epidemic & centers or persons doing relief work on such occasions.
  14. To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment or maintenance of wells, tube wells, tanks, water reservoirs and trees & repair and construction of paths, roads, bridges etc. for the welfare of the public.
  15. To Construct earthquake/ flood resistant low cost houses in the rural areas of the country. Also construct small power houses which will generate power using human & animal waste as fuel (Biogas Plants) etc. so as to provide electricity in the villages/ rural areas.
  16. To take up, assist, finance, implement activities like cow shelters, agriculture, horticulture, poultry, fish farms, piggery, dairy etc. for the economic up – liftment of the needy persons.
  17. To foster & encourage education in handicrafts, fine arts among womenfolk in general & /or fund institutions, imparting such education to establish, maintain, support or help by monetary gifts or otherwise, center & institutions for women & children & social welfare works for women, youth & children.
  18. To do all the other general charity work for the social up - liftment of the poor.